I perform live with twin Roland SP-404’s, nothing else.  Each of the twenty four buttons represents a loop or sound.  I play the sequence of my songs accordingly.  For example, if ten “instruments” come in for a chorus, I trigger those ten buttons simultaneously.  Within that, not all loops are the same bar length.  Thus, a number of sounds must be repeated in different measures to maintain a given section.

I require two samplers because some compositions carry more samples than one open bank of the SP-404 allows.  I’m very proud of this set up because many sample based artists need backing tracks or all types of equipment for live performances.  I walk in to a venue with a twelve shooter on each hip, ready to perform anything in my catalog. 

With few exceptions I often choose to perform Lightning Bolt style; on the ground amongst the crowd.  There are many reasons for this, literally and symbolically.  It gives people a chance to walk up and observe what’s being “done”.  Ideally, audiences take to the stage for a bird’s eye view.  Then the sacred platform is no longer a pulpit, cult leaders topple, the masses win, and all is right in the world.

Book me at your own peril.

Photo credit: Alex Canevaro